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"Our mission is simple: We want you to be pleased, happy, and ecstatic about your new flooring - the first day and everyday!"

You should know that we are very stubborn about these things:

  • You deserve the very best attention: That's why Vicki and I personally handle all of our residential clients, as well as many commercial accounts.
  • Your installation must be done correctly: That's why we guarantee your installation from defect for as long as you own your home, or the life of the floor. If our installation is incorrect we will replace or repair your floor at no charge and without argument.
  • Your installation experience must be pleasant: We know it's not fun having strangers in your home moving your "stuff" around. That's why we only hire installation technicians with pleasant attitudes who care about you and your home or office.
  • You deserve to know what to expect from your flooring choice: That's why we're going to take the time to fit the quality of product you're choosing into your lifestyle. We do not want you unhappy with your floors for the sake of making a sale.

Hardwood Flooring - Vinyl Flooring

Throughout the years, we have served residential homeowners, commercial clients, and institutional builders with the experience and knowledge that has led our customers to rely and trust that their floor covering needs are met with the highest degree of quality. The care you receive stems from our philosophy of offering you the finest quality floor coverings with great prices, backed by our dedicated installation services. That is what has accounted for our success and reputation as one of the best known, most reliable floor covering suppliers in the region.

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Press Release and News

"Flooring Miami starts using Ansell lightweight gloves"

The new glove is recommended for workers handling oil coated parts in the automotive, electrical machinery, metal fabrication, power tools and transportation equipment markets. However, installers of hardwood flooring and carpet have found the glove to provide a great grip during installations and it orders a solid level of protection for the hands.