Exporting Hardwoods to Bahamas or Cayman Islands


Importing and exporting from the United States to other countries can be a hugely beneficial business and can provide homeowners with the best quality products available. Trade can affect local economies, environments, and peoples. Stakeholders are starting to stand up and take notice of companies that are operating under fair trade laws and practices and studies are showing that consumers are willing to support companies that are operating above board

Benefits to Exporting from the United States

  • The benefit to exporting hardwood flooring from the United States to the Bahamas or Cayman Islands is that you know that the wood was legally sourced due to strict customs and exportation laws.
  • Hurricane activity in the Bahamas and Cayman Islands has caused an overall increase in the import of hardwoods to aid in the rebuild of homes, businesses, and government offices.


As of 2005, soft and treated woods are up forty eight percent while panel woods are up seventy seven percent for imports to the Bahamas.


If you are interested in purchasing hardwoods for your home exported from the United States, we recommend that you attend a trade show to see what your options are and how much you should set aside in your budget.

  • Hardwood that is exported from the United States is often less expensive than buying locally in many Caribbean or Latin American countries because of the scarcity of wood. Due to limited space to allow for forestation on islands and the continued hurricane conditions, hardwoods are not traditionally grown in island environments.
  • The United States provides a vast multitude of high quality untreated woods that are not chemically laden like exports from countries with lower standards of quality according to legal means like China or Indonesia. Scientific studies have shown that chemicals in cheap hardwood flooring options from many Asian countries have actually leeched into the air of homes especially with young children and caused serious health problems over an extended period of time.


Tourist trade in the Bahamas has been booming in recent years so the demand for high quality building materials like hardwoods to be used in hotels, condos, and housing developments has skyrocketed which has been great for the economy in the United States and in the Bahamas.

Exporting from the southern states within the United States, like Florida, is the cheapest option available to getting wood shipped in quickly to assist with building needs. Many wood products are being exported from the United States because exporters in southern Florida are well known for being reliable and delivering quality products at fair prices.

Even countries in Latin America are willing to pay extra in shipping costs for the products that are produced by the United States because the reputation for quality and fairness that has been established. Competing products are now entering the market from many Latin American countries but the quality of product being produced is no where near the quality of those the United States is putting out.

Exports from the United States to the Bahamas and Cayman Islands is the smartest option for homeowners and business owners looking to refurbish their homes with high quality hardwood floors.




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