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Hardwood Flooring offers a beauty that is not matchd by any other type of flooring. The elegant appeal of Wood enhances open spaces making unforgettable and senious to the soul. Hardwood Flooring is a perfect way to increase the resale value of your property. A really great thing for consumers is wood flooring materials have been decreasing in price in the last years. Now more than ever it is affordable to have hardwood floors in your home or office.More on Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring

Every piece touched by nature in its own special way. Each board slightly different from the next, and yet, together they provide an environment that beckons you to relax, play, or entertain in comfort and luxury. Grain: From the clear simplicity of maple, to the exotic streaks of Tigerwood – and everything in-between. Color: From the crisp clarity of maple, to the depths and richness of the fuliginous African Wenge More on Hardwood Flooring

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We know that a polished, newly finished hardwood floor is a vision of luxury. An uneven, beat hardwood floor is not as cultured. Decades of usage or an insufficiency of proper maintenance can ruin the finish on your floors, causing them to become degraded and lose their sheen. Although it's possible that you've never took notice of your hardwood when it was unused and simply an addition to your room's appearance, you might start to detect it if it becomes dull, scratched or pocked with small grooves from stiletto heels and pet claws. More on Hardwood Refinishing

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Hardwood is always a solid choice when you're looking for flooring that will withstand the test of time. But you also want a floor that fits the look of your home, something that suits your particular sense of style here and now. More on Hardwood Refinishing

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Looking for the best hardwood flooring company in Miami? We highly recommend visiting the showrooms of AllFloors Carpet One. The company has hundreds of designs in hardwood flooring, their prices are very good and the installation staff will provide you with a quality installation everytime. Allfloors: Hardwood Flooring Company