Selecting the right carpet is a matter of determining your particular needs. Our job is to match your lifestyle needs to the right product. For example, a home with pets and pet accidents might need a completely different carpet or fiber type than a home without pets or children.

Here are a few examples:

  • A family concerned with stains: Our Relax It’s Lees carpet has a “no exclusions” stain warranty – even bleach is covered; and they’re incredibly durable!
  • A home with pet odors: Our Resista Refresh carpets actually minimize or eliminate those odors, while being very stain resistant and durable.

All of our Gold, Platinum, and Titanium warranted carpets include our Healthier Living cushion system, which is not only luxuriously comfortable, but also has a moisture resistant skin to deter spills or accidents from entering the cushion, has an anti-microbial treatment built in, and is made of Visco Elastic memory foam.

I also found this article by an industry claims expert, Lew Migliore, that had some very interesting information that contradicts what most people and doctors think and say about carpet in general.

So how much is this really going to cost?

You can almost pick any dollar amount and find a carpet at that price, but that doesn’t mean you’d be happy with it. Before you look at the numbers below, we now include our finest cushion in our installed prices – for Gold, Platinum & Titanium Warranty carpets – there’s no need to worry about upgrading!

What's the average price of a carpet including installation? Some companies say the average price is from $15 to $20 per square yard ($1.66 to $2.22 per sq. ft.). In fact I said that, about 20 years ago (some people still think that!).

The fact is the "real" average price of a good medium-grade but durable carpet installed is from $24 to $36 per square yard ($2.65 to $4.00 per sq. ft.)

Does that mean you would be happy with the average priced carpet? Maybe - maybe not. It really depends on what you need. Every home has a different traffic pattern and usage level. Children: How many - how old, and do they eat in the carpeted areas (of course they do)? Pets: How many - do they shed, scratch, or have accidents?

How about styling? Textured carpet, patterned carpet, multi-colored carpet, or deep and rich solid colors, will absorb more abuse than light toned, solid color carpets. The shorter and more dense the pile, with a tightly twisted yarn = better appearance retention. That is the most general statement that actually means something. And yet, most people would take a carpet like that in their hand and turn their nose up and say, "Well another salesman showed me a carpet that was much thicker than this and it was less expensive!"

And guess what? Two, or three years later the "thicker," "less expensive" carpet is starting to look just a little bit shabby - oh well, "carpet" just doesn’t wear well, right? W-R-O-N-G! If you invest in a good quality product, with good warranties, have it installed properly, and for heaven's sake clean it properly and regularly - IT-WILL-LAST!! Really! I'm not kidding! If I can do it in my home with 4 children, then you can too!



Installation Guarantee

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