hardwood floors refinishing

We know that a polished, newly finished hardwood floor is a vision of luxury. An uneven, beat hardwood floor is not as cultured. Decades of usage or an insufficiency of proper maintenance can ruin the finish on your floors, causing them to become degraded and lose their sheen. Although it’s possible that you've never took notice of your hardwood when it was unused and simply an addition to your room's appearance, you might start to detect it if it becomes dull, scratched or pocked with small grooves from stiletto heels and pet claws.

If you observe the condition of your floor starting to decline, bear in mind that there is always room for improvement. We offer punctual and effective hardwood floor refinishing services to the Miami, Florida area at economical rates. Our knowledgeable and competent refinishers will visit your household, breathe life into your floors, and leave the wood looking as brilliant and stately as the day it was installed.

When hardwood floors are put down, they're coated with a urethane base that lends them their distinguishing brilliance and resilience. Diminutive shards of aluminum oxide in the coating make the wood even sturdier and add to the amount of time before the finish is degraded. Alas, even the hardest finish can give in to constant exposure to sand and dirt rubbing away at the top layer and permitting moisture and muck to be absorbed and ruin the wood. The most efficient remedy for the dilemma is to sand down the dilapidated, wearied finish and swap it with a completely new one.

We can do the job, no matter what it is. Maybe you're having an important gathering and want your household to look polished. Maybe you've just moved into a new business and have to fix the messes that the former owners let slide. Or perhaps you merely need to bring the perfect floor look back into your household. Regardless of what it is, we can do it.




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